R: [Samba] Problem: 'force user' + 'force group' don't work fine?

Orlandini, Max morlandini at manord.com
Thu Jun 23 16:07:59 GMT 2005

>user rights overwrite group rights
??? why? is a samba feature?

Patiently, Rodrigo Saverio (again many thanks) illuminate me:

>[...]somewhere in 
>Samba's documentation (I can't remember where at all) it is explained 
>that the Unix owner write permission is mapped to the ReadOnly flag 
>present in Windows by Samba so if you set a file without owner's write 
>permission, it is read-only for everybody. By design, not by bugness.
>I bet this isn't exactly the piece of information you wanted but at 
>least with it you will be able to move on to other solutions for your 
>Rodrigo Severo

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