[Samba] How to I change server=[Samba 3.04.14a-2] to somethin gelse?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu Jun 23 13:01:27 GMT 2005

> On 23 Jun 2005, at 16:12, Geoff Scott wrote:
> > So do I completely restart all smbd processes, or do I have to
> > restart every
> > windows box before the server string (windows title bar) changes?
> Yes and yes.

Actually, I think the correct answer here is no and not even close.

For the server reporting, I think that's one of those things that gets
picked up by the refresh of the config file that happens every couple of
minutes or so.

The real reason I bothered to reply though, is that the windows clients will
hold on to that server string for a LOOOOONG time, like forever.  When I
took over sysadmin here, the server's comment was 'samba mania' running like
2.2.0 or something.  A year later, I had gone up to something in the range
of 2.2.8a and re-commented the server to something like 'Fargo server', but
every machine that hadn't been replaced or rebuilt still had "ntapps on
samba mainia(fgoserv)(N:)" or whatever the format of that line is, as their
drive mappings.  

There is a registry setting someplace that holds this data too, which I
can't find now since every machine here is post the era that had a comment
listed.  There may also be some storage going on in the nethood folder for
your users.

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