[Samba] How to I change server=[Samba 3.04.14a-2] to something else?

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Thu Jun 23 00:42:39 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> AWC Lists wrote:
>>I want to change the Server=[Samba 3.0.14a-2] being 
>>announced to something else.  I would like Server=[DataServer]
>>as I do not want the server annoucing to the world it is
>>running samba.  How would I do this?
> You will have to change the smbsessetup reply code in the server.
> Look in smbd/sesssetup.c:add_signature().  But it really takes more
> than this to hide the fact that the server is running Samba.
I am not looking for anything stealthy whatsoever.  Just it greatly 
confuses some users when they click on "My computer" and then see a 
network drive that says:
"Office on 'Samba 3.0.14a-2 (roipdc)' (G:)"   <--- an ugly mouthfull!!

It would be much nicer to see:
"Office on 'DataServer (roipdc)' (G:)"

Heck I could even live with:
"Office on 'Samba (roipdc)' (G:)"
I personally do not see the need for end users to have the version 
number announced to them to be honest.

I was hoping there was a simple not well documented setting in smb.conf 
that would be able to do this.  If not, I would personally like to have 
that ability added.

Anyone else care to comment or have any ideas?

Gerry, thanks for the suggestion - I'll likely play around with it on a 
non-production test machine sometime soon.  But I am always hesitant to 
deploy a non-standard hack like this into a production machine.


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