[Samba] Missing files on Windows client side

Paul Dunphy pdunphy at research.ryerson.ca
Wed Jun 22 19:43:54 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I am experiencing a problem similar to Joop Martens' post from last week 
re. missing folders using Samba 3.0.14a (the problem does NOT occur if I 
run my previous version, Samba 3.0.0). The platform I am running on is 
Irix 6.5.17f, which makes me think this problem is not limited to AIX.

What I'm finding is that folders containing more than about 1.2 GB of 
files will not show up in Windows Explorer on the 2000/XP client. As 
with Mr. Martens, if I type the full UNC path into Explorer the contents 
will be displayed correctly. When I log in to the Irix box and list the 
files everything appears as it should, and permissions appear to be fine.

I am just beginning to debug this problem now, so I'm hoping to send 
more details once I've investigated this further. In the meantime, any 
suggestions, comments or hints would be greatly appreciated.


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