[Samba] NT 4 Issue

Doug Hubbard doug at trackmaster.com
Wed Jun 22 18:00:09 GMT 2005

Hello all,
I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere, but I could not find it.
I am migrating to a Samba PDC (from a Novell 3.11 LAN) and am trying to 
get the login scripts set up.
I have my 2000 machine able to connect, map drives and login fine, 
however I am also using NT4 boxes. The issue is that the drive mappings 
(via net use) fail with an error 53 (network name not found) when 
attempting to map from NT.

The issue appears to be related to mapping subdirectories of the share 
as I am able to map to the root of the share (both at the command prompt 
and in the login script), but when I try to map a drive to a 
subdirectory of the share (from either place) I get the error message.
As an example my share is LAN on server doug-linux (I know inventive names)
I can use the command net use F: \\doug-linux\LAN without issue
but the command net use F: \\doug-linux\LAN\VOL1 fails (and yes the VOL1 
directory exists).

I am able to browse through network neighborhood to the directories I am 
trying to map, so it doesn't appear to be permissions related (I am also 
logging in as the same user I do under 2000 and that machine maps 
without issue).

I know I can set up multiple shares on the server so that I can map to 
the root of each and get around this, but I wanted to see if there was a 
better fix (this would be a lot of shares and I would like to keep the 
setup as clean as possible).

I am running Samba 3.0926 on Suse Professional 9.1 and the clients in 
question are NT 4 with Service pack 6 on them.

Doug Hubbard - IT Manager
TrackMaster, an Equibase Company
email doug at trackmaster.com <mailto:doug at trackmaster.com>
Website www.trackmaster.com <http://www.trackmaster.com>

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