[Samba] No Link on Solaris 9 sparc, MIT kerberos, and openldap

Al Pence adp at ti.com
Wed Jun 22 16:38:10 GMT 2005


I'm trying to build 3.0.14a on Solaris 9 sparc, and I am seeing a linker error.

I tried building yesterday (and had configure errors related to libs), and then
I found information about conflicts with Sun standard kerberos bits (and missing
header files).  I've installed and compiled Openldap and MIT Kerberos, and
pointed LDFLAGS to the new installed locations. The new install lets configure
complete, but make fails with a linker error.  Since this is the first link
target (or seems to be), I'm pretty sure that I have some gross config error.

<< tail of make error >>
Compiling smbd/server.c
Linking bin/smbd
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
error_message                       libsmb/cliconnect.o  (symbol belongs to
implicit dependency /opt/kerberos/lib/libcom_err.so.3)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to bin/smbd
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

This is using a regular Solaris 9 OS install with the current companion
software, and using that gcc 3.3.  Options used:
"./configure --prefix=/opt/samba --with-ads --with-ldap=/opt/openldap"
LDFLAGS="-L /opt/openldap/lib -R /opt/openldap/lib -L /opt/kerberos/lib -R
CPPFLAGS="-I /opt/openldap/include -I /opt/kerberos/include"

I believe that I have a header+library mis-match, and it looks like this was a
problem before.  I do have the include/config.h information:
/* Whether GSSAPI is available */
#define HAVE_GSSAPI 1
/* Define to 1 if you have the <gssapi/gssapi_generic.h> header file. */
/* Define to 1 if you have the <gssapi/gssapi.h> header file. */
/* Define to 1 if you have the <gssapi.h> header file. */
/* #undef HAVE_GSSAPI_H */
The work-a-round in that instance (in 3.0.7) was to comment out the '#define
HAVE_HSSAPI_GSSAPI_H 1' line.  In 3.0.9 another user found changes in includes.h
helped, so I think I am on the right track.  It looks like there have been a
number of updates to work around this, and I'm not sure what (Makefile,
config.log, etc) would be the best help.

 -Al Pence

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