[Samba] Problem with smbmount and windows xp

Christian Punke christian.punke at olb.de
Wed Jun 22 14:42:35 GMT 2005

For long time I used to smbmount my windows-xp share from my SuSE-Linux 
machine with smbmount from samba 2.2.12.

Now I changed to debian-linux with samba 3.0.13.

The smbmount-cmd: ' smbmount //winxp/share /unix-dir -o 
username=user,password=xxx,ro' returns no error.
with 'mount' I see the mounted win-share.
But when I try a 'ls /unixdir' I get a 'Permission denied' error, same 
while using 'df'.

The permission on the windows-share are: everyone:full control.
The permission on the unixdir are: drwxrwxrwx and I'm the owner of the 
All commands given under 'root'-account.
smbclient -L -N -U username works fine.

I tried to smbmount and access a Win-NT4-share with smbmount V3.0.13 
from my debian successfully.

Anybody any ideas ????

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