[Samba] LocalWinProfiles

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Jun 22 13:52:42 GMT 2005

> list... (But I am pretty sure if I ask the local IT persons, they will
> say it is samba...)

I'd bet that is because people tend to blame that which they don't

> I was running samba 3.0.10 for two days. If I remember well during this
> period the local files were stored in C:/Documents and Settings/username
> If I created a local user with the same name and logged in to to this
> user the same folder was used. 

That shouldn't have been the case, unless you intentionally pointed them
directly at the same directory for some reason.  The SIDs in the permissions
of the two user folders should have been different, among other things.

>(Great for laptops or in situation when the PDC is down.)

What is your reasoning for believing this?  You've already stated you're
your PDC wasn't a profile server, so that point is moot.  Unless you've
turned off cached credentials (on by default), you don't *need* a DC for
logging in every time.  Laptops would be pretty useless if you couldn't log
in when you're away from the domain...

> But I noticed some error messages in the log (now I know they were not
> important), so I upgraded to samba 3.0.14a. Now the Domain User (local)
> profiles are stored in the C:/Documents and Settings/username.DOMAINNAME
> folder. ???

This makes sense to me.  If there's ever a naming conflict so that the local
machine can't get the bare username, it appends the security context to the
username for the profile directory.  If you log in the local user first you
get user.domain, if you login the domain user first you get

> What does make this difference? How can I have a domain and a local user
> with the same name and profile?
Hack the registry perhaps.

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