[Samba] Fw: windows clients not able to access shares in next log in

Mahesh_Navalgund at datacard.com Mahesh_Navalgund at datacard.com
Wed Jun 22 13:13:39 GMT 2005


I have installed samba 2.7 default with RH 9.0 ,authenticated by win 2000 
active directory domain ,which is working fine.But Some of windows clients 
are not able to connect the samba server on next log-on. I am seeing their 
old connection in active state in samba SWAT tool.If i kill their 
connection from SWAT ,will be able to login and access the share.
Is their any alternative methoid to reset the samba connetion when windows 
2000 clients log off imediately?

Regards / Mahesh 

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