[Samba] Tracking down a Samba problem under load

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Jun 22 06:30:34 GMT 2005

tir, 21.06.2005 kl. 21.12 skrev Brian_Pickering at selinc.com:

> We use Samba as an interop file sharing solution for the ClearCase version 
> control system.  Unfortunately we have run into a problem after a recent 
> upgrade to RedHat Enterprise 3.  This problem occurs both with the RedHat 
> included 3.0.9-1.3E.3, and a custom compile of the latest 3.0.14a direct 
> from Samba.
> The symptoms are: under high load, such as during a build, new samba 
> processes will spawn, but not respond.  A ps list shows many smbd 
> processes active, but no new connections can be established.  Older 
> connections seem to still function ok.  Shutting down samba via the 
> standard RedHat method "service smb stop" only kills the older processes, 
> and the new non-responding ones must be kill -9'd to get them to 
> terminate.  Base level logging tells me nothing, and turning up the debug 
> level just gets more of the same, but I'm not extremely well versed in 
> what I'd be looking for to isolate the problem.  I have seen a few panic's 
> in the log, usually one or two per day, but the not responding problem 
> doesn't seem to coincide with any of those.
> My basic problem is, I don't have any way of figuring out where the 
> problem lies, and what to submit as a bug.  Any pointers in that direction 
> would be very helpful.

Did you install binary rpms? If so, try to build and install the 3.0.14a
srpm (source code in the BUILD directory should be patched with the
3.0.14a anti-spin patch).

The reason I write this is, that we have no problems with the srpm on a
moderately loaded (30-40 w2k workstations) RHAS3 server.


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