[Samba] Configuring Samba with LDAP

Robert M. Martel bob at urban.csuohio.edu
Tue Jun 21 18:14:31 GMT 2005

On 06/20/2005 08:51 AM, Mattier, Ricardo wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> 	Thanks for the info.  Are you using openldap?  If so, which
> switches are you using to compile openldap? 

Greetings, Rick,

Yes, but just to build Samba - we are not using at this point for 
anything else.

I was using http://www.samag.com/documents/s=9427/sam0414e/0414e.htm as 
a guide for my build and I used the same switches outlined in the 
article - modified for my environment - our open ssl is in 
/opt/local/ossl and Cyrus SASL is in /opt/local/sasl2 - YMMV.

CFLAGS="-I/opt/local/ossl/include -I/opt/local/sasl2/include"
CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/local/ossl/include -I/opt/local/sasl2/include"
LDFLAGS="-L/opt/local/ossl/lib -R /opt/local/ossl/lib 
-L/opt/local/sasl2/lib  -R/opt/local/sasl2/lib"

./configure --prefix=/opt/local/openldap --without-bdb --disable-bdb 

The samba 3.0.14a I ended up with(AD) domain.  I've been able to access 
it from MS Windows clients without any problems.

I have not been able to get PAM working to the point where AD users can 
log onto the unix host.

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