[Samba] xp suddenly unable to find pdc after crash

zorg zorg at probesys.com
Tue Jun 21 10:28:15 GMT 2005

It's been the second time it happen to me on to different site and server

After a anormal shutdown (electricity failure) my ldap database get 
corrupted and I had to repair/restore it. So samba was running but can't 
access the database

after this samba seem to work without any problem but all the people on 
xp station can't logon the domain anymore

Windows XP say IT can' find the domain controler

The only solution for the xp is to rejoin the domain again. no change at 
all on samba

One site got 40 XP workstation so It take a while

But I'm sure I'm missing something

I've check the domain SID
I've check the ldap password
I've delete the cache rm -r /var/cache/samba/*

but there is no way to make it work again without rejoining the domain

so if someone can help me and explain me why it happen ?


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