[Samba] PDC SAMBA + WIN2K problem join domain.

piaff33z piaff33z at laposte.net
Tue Jun 21 07:06:01 GMT 2005


I had success to join a samba domain with a win2K Station a few days
ago. But today when a try to log with an another account, my station
win2K say me she can't contact my PDC. I does not know what occurred
since the last time.

I disjoin my domain and after i has try to join again but with no success.

The client Win2K and serveur PDC samba are on same network and switch
thus no problem of network.
The samba server starts and his logs says to me that is the PDC of my
domain, but Win2K does no want to see it.

somebody has an idea ?

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