[Samba] FOLLOWUP: Samba, OS X Tiger 10.4 plain text password, username null-padded?

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue Jun 21 02:47:08 GMT 2005

So, Apple is following the Microsoft school of Tech (non)Support....

Eric Hines

Elizabeth Schwartz wrote:

>So, an Apple engineer came and hung out for about three hours last
>week and agreed that Tiger was doing something pretty funky with the
>plain text passwords. Today's word is:
>".... there is a fix in 10.4.2 that will go in combination with the
>/etc/nsmb.conf and hopefully solve your problem.That is as much detail
>as I have right now. Do you have access to the seed build of 10.4.2
>via ADC ?"
>We aren't going to play with beta releases of OS X ourselves right now
>but I'd be real interested if anyone here does.
>cheers Betsy
>[who received a bunch of off-list Me Too messages...]

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