[Samba] FOLLOWUP: Samba, OS X Tiger 10.4 plain text password, username null-padded?

Elizabeth Schwartz betsy.schwartz at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 01:27:22 GMT 2005

So, an Apple engineer came and hung out for about three hours last
week and agreed that Tiger was doing something pretty funky with the
plain text passwords. Today's word is:
".... there is a fix in 10.4.2 that will go in combination with the
/etc/nsmb.conf and hopefully solve your problem.That is as much detail
as I have right now. Do you have access to the seed build of 10.4.2
via ADC ?"

We aren't going to play with beta releases of OS X ourselves right now
but I'd be real interested if anyone here does.

cheers Betsy
[who received a bunch of off-list Me Too messages...]

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