[Samba] smbclient don't list all printers

Marcos Antonio Dellazari marcos at prognus.com.br
Mon Jun 20 17:49:51 GMT 2005

Hi, I'm working in a migration here in Itaipu Binacional, Brazil.

I'm actually creating a workstation based upon free sw. I'm using Samba
to interact with the Windows 2003 Servers.

We have a windows 2003 printer server, and when I type smbclient -L server,
it's return only about 40 printers atached, but we realy have 180 !!!

My workstation uses a NT PDC through samba+winbind.

What's wrong? There's something that I forget?

thanks for help
(sorry for poor english)...

Marcos Antonio Dellazari
Analista de Suporte
Itaipu Binacional

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