[Samba] Slightly OT: Making Windows Aps Think Mapped Drives are Local

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Mon Jun 20 13:23:34 GMT 2005

Sorry if this is slightly off topic for the  Samba list, but if anybody knows 
the answer to this 
question, it's probably  a Samba person... 

Does anybody know if there a way to make Windows XP  think a "mapped network 
drive" is a "local drive", or at least get Windows to  report to all 
applications that ask that a network drive is a local drive? There  must be a whole 
bunch of registry settings that keep track of these things.  

I pose this question because I have a number of multimedia applications  that 
will only store and access media files (sound, video, etc.) if those files  
are located on a "local drive". However, I am quite sure that ALL of these  
applications will work fine if the media files are on a network drive. 

I  believe the above statement because newer versions of the same 
applications do  NOT block using network drives and they work perfectly. At the time the 
older  versions came out, the manufacturer sold its own networked storage and  
intentionally blocked access to 3rd party storage. 

Good hints or clues  or suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

Andy Liebman  

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