[Samba] Slow Ms Access in one share

Jack Malone jmalone at horizonind.com
Mon Jun 20 02:20:49 GMT 2005


>Why do you have oplocks turned off? You'll find that Access goes a
>lot faster when you leave oplocks on. That, or at least reduce the
>"lock spin time" from 200ms to something less (eg: 20ms), or remove
>that parameter to let Samba use the default.
I have wondering why you say it would be faster with oplocks on. at our 
office we have have to let more than one person be able to read the access 
files, not write but read them an to be able to do that i had to turn 
oplocks off so more then one person can have it open at one time. be 
interesting to know how to do that without oplocks on.

  excel files act the same way need to allow for 2 or more to read the file 
an have to have oplocks off for that too.


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