[Samba] PDC-BDC Wins Resolution

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sun Jun 19 19:01:09 GMT 2005

Matt Schwartz schrieb:
> Tomasz, I compiled Samba from the source so I don't think it should 
> matter but thanks, anyhow.  I always build certain packages from the 
> source.  The issue seems to occur between linux machines and not linux 
> to windows.  My WinXP box can resolve both the PDC and the BDC 
> effectively.  Likewise, the BDC and PDC can ping the XP box.  But, the 
> BDC can't ping the PDC and vice versa.

To make sure, you might check that:

# rpm -ql nss_wins

The above might be in your system; and the below are used by Samba:

# lsof -n|grep libnss_wins
sshd      20052    root  mem    REG        3,5   734824    1933320 
nmbd      20857    root  mem    REG        3,5   734824    1933320 

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