[Samba] PDC-BDC Wins Resolution

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sun Jun 19 15:16:06 GMT 2005

Matt Schwartz schrieb:
> I am hoping someone can help here.  I noticed a really odd issue.  WINS 
> resolution doesn't seem to work between my PDC and BDC, both Samba 
> 3.0.14a boxes running on Debian.  I have nsswitch.conf configured 
> properly, I think.  Here are the nsswitch.conf settings.
> PDC:
> hosts: files dns wins
> BDC:
> hosts: files dns wins
> On the BDC, I have the parameter wins server =, the address 
> of the PDC.  From the BDC, I try to ping the PDC and get a hostname not 
> found error.  The same for the opposite.  What in the devil could be 
> going on?

Maybe you don't have the nss_wins package installed?

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