[Samba] A samba BDC

Scott Mayo sgmayo at mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us
Fri Jun 17 19:41:53 GMT 2005

I have finally managed to sneak my way through setting up a Samba-3 and 
LDAP server.  Everythng seems to be working fine.  Don't really know 
much about LDAP, but I needed it and am learning to use it.

Here is my question:  I have two buildings (BLD1 and BLD2).  The server 
in BLD1 is my server that is up now.  I want to put a server in BLD2 
that will use the users from BLD1, but will be saving the files to BLD2. 
  If BLD1 would go down, then I want everyone still be able to logon and 
save to BLD2.  What all do I need to do to set up a BDC, so that if the 
PDC goes down, the other will take over?  Is there much to doing this?

Thanks for any help.

Scott Mayo
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Bloomfield Schools
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