[Samba] automatically create home directories

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Fri Jun 17 10:47:26 GMT 2005


I have tried to use Terpstra script to automatically create user home
folder using "Active Directory Users And Comupters" in Windows 2000
Server. It succeed although the same error was reported. But I am
interested in how can I give this folder the permissions and owner of
that user (Active Directory sets this automatically when you create home
folder on a windows machine)? Is it possible anyway to have multiple
group/user permissions on Samba share? How, when unix has just
user+group+other permissions? I am not an expert but I would really like
to use Samba as my File server while retaining my Active Directory
domain and AD tools to manage users/groups.

thanks very much


dejan gambin

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