[Samba] Strange problems with dfs

Francesco De Rose fdr at nic-nac-project.de
Fri Jun 17 08:22:07 GMT 2005


I am experiencing a very strange problem.

I have setup a samba server which uses DFS, which works perfectly.

Just for the sake of experimenting a little, I have setup an additional
bind9 daemon, so that my samba machine appears under two domains with
different names (dns domains, I mean).

After that, I started testing with a windows XP pro client. When I set
it to do the name resolution through the previous dns, everything works

The problem is when I want it to do the resolution through my additional
dns (and I access the samba server by its additional name, of course).
In this case, the resolution seems to work (ping works just fine), and I
can access the samba shares; but dfs links are not recognised anymore.
It is not a problem with dfs-links being 'dangling', because in the
'Properties' window on the client there is NO dfs tab. On the other
side, when a dfs-link is dangling, there is such a tab, warning that the
link is invalid. (I've tested that)

This has been bugging me for a week now, and I have no idea about how to
troubleshoot it. Does anybody please have any advice for me?

Thank you,


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