[Samba] authentication

boliver at lvlomas.com boliver at lvlomas.com
Thu Jun 16 18:35:28 GMT 2005

I have a Samba 2.2 system running on an IBM AIX server.  It works great, 
and I have the SWAT application running as well.  I am having a bit of 
trouble understanding the authentication between the AIX directory and the 
end user ( or Samba client ).

My Samba security setting is "User".  Usually, I create a Unix user 
account ( say "test1" ), I give that user a password "pass1".  I then go 
to SWAT and I go to the Passwords section and I create a new user called 
"test1" and give it a password of "pass1".  At this point, if I were on a 
Windows machine, I would need to be logged into a Windows account called 
"test1" with the password "pass1" in order to access the shares I created 
within Samba.

Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.


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