[Samba] serious lock problem idx file

Matteo Cazzador matteo at euronia.it
Thu Jun 16 16:58:29 GMT 2005

Hello i'm matteo i've this problem :
with win200 and xp i 've lock problem accessing *.idx files from cobol windows program.
Whe win98 accessing this file all is ok, when win200 accessing or xp the windows machine the program wait too mutch for access to file idx.

my samba version is 3.0.10

the windows 2000 machine log said this:

push_blocking_lock_request: lock request length=75 blocked with expiry time -1 (+-1) for fnum = 6227, name = CPVPAGHE/ARCHIVI/TABPRS.IDX

For me is a seriuos problem i need help i have many samba server that give service for this cobol program.

I try to set various lock options  but it semms don't have success can someone give me the options to use thank's.

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