[Samba] NT4 PDC+2BDCs upgrade to Samba 3

"Orlando A. Muñoz" omunoz at tec.dsr.telecom.pt
Thu Jun 16 11:01:44 GMT 2005


I'm evaluating the possibility of migrating my network from NT4 to Samba 3.

I have a PDC on my main office running WINS, a BDC on a branch office 
200Km away also running WINS, and another BDC on a branch office 450Km 
away also running WINS.

I have the following constraints:
-I must have a BDC on each branch office, and PDC on my main office.
-I must have a WINS server each office.
-I must be able to make the upgrade on each office during the weekend.
-Domain name and PDC/BDCs names cannot be changed.
-I'm the only sysadmin on my network, and this includes the 100+ PCs.
-From the users perspective there should be no change in configuration 
or functionality.

If any of this conditions cannot be met, I cannot migrate to Samba 3.

Any help will be most wellcome.

Orlando A. Muñoz
tec.dsr.telecom.pt SysAdmin

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