[Samba] Adding a cups printer driver

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Thu Jun 16 07:08:06 GMT 2005

stefan at st-petersen.de schrieb:
> Hello Tomek,
> the problem with the uppercase could be a thing. But I think this is not
> really the point. cupsaddsmb enacapsulates the installation process
> normally done with a couple of rpcclient calls. To have more control over
> the installation process the samba documentation tells you how to go
> through this process manually. I was able to install the driver-files in
> the /etc/samba/drivers directory with the rpcclient and a 'put' command.
> Now that the files reside in the /etc/samba/drivers/W32X86 directory, I
> tried to make the 'adddriver' command as described in the samba doc.
> This command fails, and it will fail with cupsaddsmb as long as the
> problem seen with the manual installation isn't fixed.
> In my first post you see an error msg, that tells that something is wrong
> with the count of parameters of the rpc-call. Is this the real problem, or
> is it something that the program means, 'I don't know the exact problem,
> so I give this messages'?

it seems quotations are in a wrong place?

try lowering the case and use cupsaddsmb once again; if it succeeds, it 
will show you the exact valid syntax (three commands in all for one 


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