[Samba] Samba BDC for Backup

Hiu Yen Onn yohiu at shinyang.com.my
Thu Jun 16 01:25:29 GMT 2005

Hiu Yen Onn wrote:

> Hiu Yen Onn wrote:
>> hi,
>> i have no experience in configure any of the BDC before. just curious 
>> to ask, if i have configured a BDC, then if any fail down of my PDC, 
>> does BDC will take turn automatically??? stupid question.... but, i 
>> didnt know it... sorry....
> another question
> 1. I have a master ldap tree for my PDC, likewise my BDC also having a 
> slave ldap tree, do i need to replicate the master ldap to the slave 
> ldap?
> 2. How about the sid number??? does PDC sid have to be similar to the 
> BDC sid??? what is sid? what does is working for??? dun understand... 
> pls enlighten.. thanks..
do i need to configure a NIS master and NIS slave for my pdc, and bdc??? 
if not, i am wondering how can a user in pdc can be appeared to a bdc???
pls advise thanks

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