[Samba] smbpasswd -r connecting to old samba not working

Wayne Schroeder raz at positivenetworks.net
Wed Jun 15 21:41:59 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> Wayne,
> First off, any breakage was not intentional.  Second, I
> gave you instructions for helping us track it down.
> What I said about 2.2.x is that we will not issue a
> patch for it.  I will be happy to issue a patch for
> smbpasswd to fix any incompatibilities with older Samba
> version if possible.  But it requires that you do some
> things to help me out
> Here they are again:
> |> Another method would be to start trying smbpasswd
> |> from 3.0.x releases 3.0.14a and moving backwards to
> |> see when the incompatibility was introduced. We could
> |> then look at the svn logs to try to isolate the change
> |> and come up with a workaround.

I should have been more clear .. the last message was generally directed
at those suggesting that I should just upgrade the old samba installs
instead of isolating the change / making a potential work around (or
fix, if it is deemed as such) in the new code.  I will gladly assist in
isolating where the problem was introduced, and I am sure that no change
/ breakage was intentional and did not intend to imply that if it
sounded as such.

I will post more information as it becomes available, thanks again.


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