[Samba] samba 3 + DNS(SRV records) + Active Directory Clients

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Jun 15 21:28:43 GMT 2005

Hi, having a valid working internal dns is nice to have
and gives you the second chance to name resolution ( depends on
configure issues )
but the prime lookup in the most times is the wins service, as its
looked normally first by the win clients,
and many applications i.e. old outlook versions.
So configure samba as wins server or use an existing one ( win 2000
server and up )
But i guess this may not be your only problem so show us your samba conf
and decribe your network layout.
You will find adding info in the samba faqs and in your samba logs
saravanan ganapathy schrieb:
> Hai ,
>   I am new to samba. I have configured samba 3 as PDC
> and when I add win2k client into my DC, the client
> says 'unable to find 'mydomain' name , may be due to
> DNS Issue. I have also configured bind as dns server
> and I have the forward & reverse records for
> 'mydomain'. 
> I read that I need to add some SRV records for active
> directory clients(win2k/winxp). But I couldn't find
> any tips for this in the document.
> Can you pls help me what are all the records(srv) to
> be added in my dns(bind)? 
> Sarav 
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