[Samba] NetBIOS needed?

Gary Arnold gary.arnold at ctsc.net
Wed Jun 15 17:50:12 GMT 2005


Sorry if this sounds like I'm confused. I am.  I am new to Samba and


I've got Samba 3.0.10 running on Solaris 9.  The only windows box I can see
or access the shares from is my Windows 2003 ADC which happens to be the
only box running NetBIOS in the domain.  I have started up a WINS server and
added the servers IP to the samba.conf file.  The samba server has
registered in WINS but I still can not get to the Samba server via my XP
client.  If I turn NetBIOS on for the client it works.  Is there a way to
make this work without turning on NetBIOS?


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