[Samba] Linux 2 Linux Host Filesystem Sharing with Samba + MySQL

James McMillan jimmy at thenetmark.com
Wed Jun 15 14:41:15 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I've doing some server consolidation using vmware,  I've asked this 
question to the vmware community, and I've gotten good, yet breif 
answers.  I thought, since it's mostly a samba related issue, this was 
the right place to come..  Anyway....

I've successfully shared out my linux host filesystem to my linux guest 
using samba. The linux guest will be a webserver and mysql database server.
One of the mount points on the guest is /usr/local/mysql/data because I 
don't want the virtual disk to hold the databases. (I'm trying to keep 
my virtual disks under 4GB)
My problem is when I try to start mysql, it complains about not being 
about to chown the log files, as they are part of the samba share.
It there a way to have a samba share, hosted from the host machine to 
the guest, to have full permissions on the guest os?

Someone mentioned to me, "make sure that 
uid=XXX,gid=YYY,file_mode=ZZZ,dir_mode=TTT (& -u/-g/-f/-d) options are 
not provided in fstab/smbclient/... Maybe recheck smb.conf on host for 
"unix extensions" (default is YES, so if you'll not find it, it is OK). 
Then mount filesystem in the guest. Full uid/gid/mode should fully 
propagate between host & guest. Just make sure that host & guest use 
same uid & gid in /etc/passwd & /etc/group." 

But that makes no sense to me.  I just need the smbclient machine to be 
able to have full permission on the mysql data share.

Hopefully someone can help here.  Thanks in advance everyone.


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