[Samba] couldn't find DC from other subnet

saravanan ganapathy sarav_gsa at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 10:07:23 GMT 2005

Hai ,

 I am new to samba . I would like to setup samba as DC
for my local LAN. I have configured samba-3.0.7 in
Mandrake and win2k clients(within the same subnet) are
able to login to this server by using NBNS protocol.

   But the clients from other subnet are not able to
find the DC. My understanding is that, first the
clients try to find the DC using NBNS and they
couldn't get any response since the DC is in another
network. Then the clients try to find using DNS. They
are mainly looking for _ldap._tcp.dc.-msdcs.domain . I
am using linux dns and I have forward & reverse
records for the workgroup name. I read that I need to
add some SRV records in my DNS.  What are all the
records to be added? Any other way to solve this

Pls hlep me .


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