[Samba] Software deployment

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Wed Jun 15 09:03:06 GMT 2005

Dominic Iadicicco schrieb:
> Hello all,
>       Here's a good conversation starter.  
>         How do people deploy new software (office,adobe,java,etc...)
> on their client machines with AD?

Why with AD? This list is about Samba, not Active Directory (which can 
only deploy packages in MSI format).

If you meant Samba, then you may tak a look at WPKG - http://wpkg.org - 
it has the following features:

- ability to deploy software (MSI packages and all other installers that 
can be installed silently) on machine boot
- ability to run a script/program many times on machine boot
- ability to run a script/program exactly one time (disk defragmenting 
etc.) on machine boot

You can "attach" software to be installed on one machine, or on a group 
of machines.

Moreover, you can use it not only with Samba, but also with AD (because 
AD can only install MSI packages; WPKG can install virtually anything 
that comes with a silent installer).

Hope that helps.


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