[Samba] Roaming Profile Question

Jan Kellerhoff kelly at visthetic.com
Wed Jun 15 08:27:06 GMT 2005

Mark Sarria wrote:

>I agree this is a desktop.ini, just search for all the desktop.ini in your
>profile and delete it; this should stop this notepad message from popping
>up. Unfortunately it will happen to all new users who login; I have not
>found a way to get rid of that, my solution was to create a mandatory
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>Error's in a notepad ???...
>isn't this just a desktop.ini in the startup folder problem ?
>or is it a real error from the shell32.dll ??
>(coz that might not be samba related ..)
>Matt Schwartz wrote:
>>I am getting a shell32.dll error with my roaming profiles.  I have never 
>>seen this before and google queries haven't gotten any solutions.  I am 
>>using WinXP with the current service pack.  This shell32.dll error pops 
>>up in a notepad window.  This is kind of annoying and I know its windows 
>>related.  Anyone know how to shut it off, its driving me mad.
I think, you have to to disable the option "Remember each folder's view 
setting in Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View
and apply the change to all folders.
Additional you have to search as Admin for all desktop.ini and delete them.
With roaming profiles they might return...

Jan Kellerhoff

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