[Samba] Samba share query

James Briar james.briar at merton.gov.uk
Tue Jun 14 21:54:29 GMT 2005

Hello Dominic, thanks for your reply, I've now got a good fix for my problem
(after hours of trial and error). I coded the following in my smb.conf file

        hosts allow =

        oplocks = Yes

        security = share


        comment = Tech support directory

        path = /information

        guest ok = yes

        guest only = yes

        browsable = no

        read only = yes

        force user = %U   

I created a Unix user with the same name as my network login as well as
creating the user in the smbpasswd file.  I can now map a drive to the ts
share without being prompted for a password, if another network user tries
to map a drive to the share and they have not been created as a Unix/Samba
user they get an error. This is just what i want. If i've only got say Samba
users user1, user2 and user3 set up on the Unix side then only these can map
a drive without being prompted for a password. I set browsable = no just for
extra security.                                         

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