[Samba] ldapsam, Sun JES Directory Server, Solaris 9

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Jun 14 21:41:36 GMT 2005

tir, 14.06.2005 kl. 20.14 skrev Jason Signalness:


> I commented out the three lines to see if the error went away.  It did 
> not.  smbd dies no matter what is in the smb.conf file, as far as I can 
> tell. 
> I realize those options are likely not exactly what is needed.  I'm 
> trying to find better (than the man page or Ch. 10 in the HOWTO) 
> documentation on what the various smb.conf "ldap" directives do.  If you 
> know of any, please point them out. 

What is the base dn (rootdn, according to slapd.conf) of your directory
tree (DIT)? What you have posted is not good, you could better begin by
setting up a tree as in the OpenLDAP Admin Guide(s) at www.openldap.org.
What you have indicates (doesn't prove) that you don't know what you're

That's the first step :)

I suggest that you use a suffix of dc=tildebob,dc=com for the suffix (if
that domain belongs to you, otherwise use a more "private" suffix).

As rootdn: cn=manager,dc=tildebob,dc=com, password secret.

That you stop slapd and rm * the contents of your ldap base directory.

Thtat you start slapd (however you do that). Actually the slapd user
should be a non-privileged user whom you've already put into
/etc/passwd, together with his group.

That you then add your base dn, your organization and cn=manager ldif as
described in the OL admin guide for quick start, *adapting the ldif to
your actual suffix*. (Otherwise it can't possibly work).

After that *works* - test with ldapsearch -x, ('man ldapsearch'), you
adapt your smb.conf 

#       passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://ce.btinet.net
#       ldap admin dn = cn=Directory Manager
#       ldap suffix = ou=People,o=tildebob.com,o=usergroups

to the new parameters.

After that, you have to read and follow to the letter the Samba HOWTO
docs further as to employing the idealx scripts. These should always be
the latest version, regardless of your Samba version.

Whatever: LDAP comes first, get that working first, without Samba or
anything else.


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