[Samba] Permission on sharing file/folder

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 18:48:41 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 14 Jun 2005 19:07, Anuwa Mohamad Jamili wrote:
> Dear All Friends,
> Im already explore with UNIX permission, currently what I can see is only
> have read,write and execute. We also can combine this permission with
> grouping.
> But what I seek here, how can I set permission that user can't delete
> file but can modify the file ?
There are some extended attributes, but I can't remember how to find them or 
use them from the CLI.  Perhaps googling on the phrase will help.  One of 
them allow you to say that only the owner can delete a file.  KDE allows it 
to be set within konqueror.

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