[Samba] Missing files on Windows client side.

Mark Irving marki at cumcmemphis.org
Tue Jun 14 16:28:18 GMT 2005

Check the file permissions on those files from the Unix side. I have
noticed that now if file permissions aren't set correctly that the user
can't see the files. 

I also had a similar issue where I have a department directory that has
group access to the directory. The user was listed as Administrator and
the groups were listed as the department name from winbind. The files
were chmoded to 770 on the FreeBSD server. Still no member of that group
could see the files. When I changed the owner to another user, that user
could see the files but the group couldn't. Plans are to rebuild the
server to see if that fixed the problem.

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> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > In a directory with approximately 6000 files, several files are 
> > missing on the Windows side.
> > If I check the directory on Unix (AIX) they are all there.
> > 
> > As far as I can see there's nothing strange with this files 
> en I can't 
> > see any connection between the missing files.
> > It looks like it's randomly.
> > 
> > A few examples of missing files:
> > 
> > FAKTREF.10062005.16 (See debug information) cum1406.csv
> > 
> > The only thing that I can see in the debug is the following 
> line near 
> > each missing file:
> > 
> > get_lanman2_dir_entry: out of space
> > 
> > Can anybody tell me what causes this or how i can fix this problem.
> May be a bug. What I need from you to fix this is a tar of 
> the directory that is causing the problem - it doesn't have 
> to contain the data, just the filenames. Then I need to know 
> *exactly what Windows client you're using to reproduce this - 
> down to the service pack level and any hotfixes applied please.
> Thanks,
> 	Jeremy.
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