[Samba] win2k usrmgr.exe returns "remote procedure call failed"

Derek Shaw samba at bisi.ca
Tue Jun 14 16:04:53 GMT 2005

Matt Schwartz wrote:

>It might be simply that a tdb has become corrupt.  Try deleting the .tdb
>files from your samba locks directory and rebuilding group mapping.
Further experience to add here after re-creating all the .tdb files.

I have a win2k workstation temporarily sharing a directory.  I have
dis-joined and rejoined this machine to the samba (NT) domain.  I did
this after I unmapped and re-mapped the NT groups for the domain  Then I
needed to fix the access permissions on the shared directory.

In the sharing permissions for this folder I cannot add the mapped
groups to the list of authorized users/groups.  I can add individual
users from the samba domain, and the "well-known" NT groups.  I suspect
this is a different symptom of the same problem causing the "rpc failed"
message when trying to use the windows usrmgr.exe tool.

Any ideas which logs I should be monitoring to see the difference
between my "replica" server and this production server for this issue?

On a different tangent -- is there a way to re-create or re-print the
list of files that were installed by samba (the list that shows up on
the screen when one types "make install")?  I'd like to compare the
lists between the two machines.

TIA for any other tips or ideas.

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