[Samba] Mr. Chen told Media that CCP has "thousands" of secret agents in Australia

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Tue Jun 14 12:48:15 GMT 2005

Chinese Diplomat Step out to Expose Communist Regime at Sydney 6.4 Rally
--- Chinese Communist Party is collapsing from Inside 2 million people quit CCP

June 4, 2005 marks the 16th anniversary of Tiananmen Student Massacre. Australian Democrats, 
Greens representatives and human rights groups spoke at the Rally that intends to remember 
the pro-democracy students killed on Tiananmen Square and 80 million people killed by the 
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since it came to power, and also to celebrate an anticipation of 
collapse of CCP--the last large communist regime in the world today.

One of the feature speakers is a senior Chinese diplomat from the Chinese Consulate in Sydney,  
Mr. Chen Yonglin, who made his first public appearance at a June 4th Commemoration rally 
since he and his family had left the Chinese Consulate a week ago to defect. Mr. Chen told the 
rally that he went to defect for fear of persecution since had become disillusioned and could no 
longer support CCP's persecution of democratic group and religious group Falun Gong.

It is learned that, on June 6, 2005 Mr. Chen and his wife Jin Ping also published an open 
statement to announce withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party membership on the 
relevant web site provided by Epoch Times: http://tuidang.epochtimes.com/. Currently, an 
average of 20,000 people per day are publicly declaring their resignation from the Party or its 
affiliate organisations. By June 4, 2005, more than 2 Million people have quit the Chinese 
Communist Party.

Ms. Zhao from "June 4 rally organizing committee" of "Free China" praised Mr. Chen for his 
courage to speak out the truth and refuse to continue carrying out the persecution and terrorism 
policy of CCP. "Mr. Chen's defect is just a small corner of the iceberg, showing that Chinese 
Communist regime is collapsing from the inside. Mr. Chen is just one out of millions of Chinese 
people, including high-ranking officials and diplomats who disagree with the persecution and 
mistreatments of its own people by CCP and choose to leave it. " Ms. Zhao said, "We hope 
Australian government could provide protection to Mr. Chen and his family as we have promised 
to support human rights. " Ms. Zhao commented, "More importantly, we ask for Australian 
government and people to support Chinese people's efforts for real freedom and better future 
without CCP. There won't be real safety and freedom for Mr. Chen and all the Chinese people 
without the collapse of CCP."

The recent flood of departures has been attributed to an exclusive report by The Epoch Times 
called the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.  Published in over 30 countries, the 
extraordinary report reveals the CCP's mass public deception, the untold killings and the 
CCP's pursuit to destroy traditional culture. 

An marking difference of this 16th's anniversary from previous ones is that this year, disappointed 
Chinese people stop begging CCP for change or mercy, and instead, realizing the terrorism 
nature and hopelessness of CCP, Chinese people choose to farewell to CCP and look for real 
freedom and better future to China without CCP. Being the greatest freedom movement since 
1989, the large-scale withdrawal from CCP and the anticipation of the collapse of the Communist 
in China have marked the significant difference of this 16th anniversary, an event that would be 
even more significant than the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall.

Senior Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin (C), 37, received interview and showed his consulate 
working ID during a rally marking the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary, in Sydney, 04 
June 2005. (Epoch Times)


On June 4, 2005, the 16th anniversary of Tiananmen Student Massacre, Mr. Chen Yonglin, a 
former 1st Secretary and Consul for Political Affairs, after defecting from Chinese Consulate a 
week ago for fear of persecution due to his sympathy with Falun Gong group and democratic 
group, made his public appearance at a rally marking the Tiananmen student massacre and 
support freedom of Chinese people, that was organized by "Free China" along with other 
human rights groups. Mr. Chen told the media that he would be persecuted if returned to 
Beijing and hoped that the Australian Government would help to protect him.

Mr. Chen said that he had met with officials of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) 
on four days ago but that they had refused him political asylum, and told him to apply for a 
refugee protection visa instead.

Mr. Chen told the media that the CCP has "thousands" of secret agents in Australia who monitor 
and report on political dissidents and Falun Gong practitioners, and try to interfere with their 
activities in Australia. He said this is normal policy for the Chinese Government. Mr. Chen 
promised to reveal to Australians "everything I know" about threats by Chinese agents to the 
Australian society and its people". According to Mr. Chen, he had details of several kidnappings 
of Chinese defectors or dissidents from Australia, and said that two of them had been sentenced 
to death in China. Mr. Chen said that he feared that the same thing would happen to him if he 
and his family were not given asylum.

Please support Mr. Chen by vote on http://www.smh.com.au/polls/national/2005/06/07/form.html

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