[Samba] Samba + LDAP NSS resolving

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Tue Jun 14 02:22:18 GMT 2005

On Monday 13 June 2005 19:58, linuxlady wrote:
> I'm using the howto from idealx and the samba-guide to configure a
> samba server with LDAP backend.

I am the author of the Samba-Guide.  Frankly, if my documentation does not 
solve your problem then it is broken and useless! You should not need more 
documentation than the official Samba documentation.

Please help me to understand what is broken. I humbly apologize that my 
documentation is so bad.

> The config works fine until I get to the step:

Which document are you following, which section, and which step number?

> getent passwd | grep root
> It doesn't query any of the LDAP entries that were added with
> smbldap-populate or smbldap-useradd - it only returns local entries.

This means that your nss_ldap library is either defective - or is 

> I've checked the nsswitch.conf, ldap.conf, smbldap.conf, log files.
> I can query the ldap database directly and see the entries.
> What could be the problem?  What else can I check?

Well, lots! You will need to be more specific - in fact completely specific 
about every step you have followed. The Samba-Guide was recently updated 
using SUSE 9.3 professional - So I know it can work!

In the technical discussion in chapter 5 I have detailed how to debug LDAP and 
NSS_LDAP operation. Which of those steps have you followed to diagnose the 

> I'm using SuSE 9.3,  Samba 3.0.13-1.1, openLDAP 2.2.23-6,
> smbldap-tools-0.91.

- John T.
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