[Samba] File owner / group

ljerem at fi.uba.ar ljerem at fi.uba.ar
Mon Jun 13 16:34:03 GMT 2005

Hi all,
I have a Samba 3.0.13 with ACL support running under SuSE and acting as a
PDC for the hole organization.
Among some shares, there's one that has about ten subdirectories.
Everybody can access this share and restrictions are applied over those

The problem is that, for example, when I create a file (or modify it with
Word or Exel) in the Finances subdirectory, the file has my primary group
as GID (Technology, in this case).
What I need to do is to force Samba to create files with a specific GID
for each of those subdirectories.

I know if I had one share for each subdirectory, this would be done with
"force group" in smb.conf under each share, but I have to maintain the
"one share, N subdirectories" structure.

Is there any way to reach this behavior?

Thanks in advance,

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