[Samba] [Homes] on two machines, possible?

Michael Joyner mjoyner at vbservices.net
Sun Jun 12 18:58:55 GMT 2005

One possiblity is to run a local dns server in location 'B'
hijack the one entry for the home server on that DNS and have
the ip# point to server 'B' instead of server 'A'
Just make sure your home directory path+server in smb.conf
is set to a hostname that requires DNS resolving and does not

NOTE: This will only work for W2K and XP and W2K3 I believe.

Peter Huetmannsberger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a smb pdc running which works quite well so far, and would like 
> to know if this feature is possible.
> I have two locations, and I want all users to authenticate on Machine A.
> Howver there are some users that are closer to machine B, and I would 
> like to be able to have the homes of those users on machine B rather 
> than machine A (they should authenticate on machine A anyway).
> Is this possible without a mount of the users (those I want on machineB) 
> home directories on machineA.
> Using the usrmgr.exe it looks like it should be possible to change the 
> location of the homes (\\serverB\username), but the change does not take 
> effect. I do not use ADS, just plain regular samba.
> trying to set path = \\machineB\homes results in an ERROR message:
> tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Mounting the share from serverB on serverA works perfectly all rght, it 
> is not what I want though.
> So far google and the big samba book have not found a solution.
> Thanks,
> .peter

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