[Samba] Demote old NT4 PDC to member of Samba domain?

Derek Shaw samba at bisi.ca
Sun Jun 12 17:44:13 GMT 2005

Mi wrote:

> Hi,
> When installing Samba, I made it a PDC in a new domain. Now I would
> like the old NT4 PDC in the old domain to become a plain host in my
> Samba domain. Is this possible? I need to keep the old NT4 machine
> because it's running the Symantec Corporate Edition NAV.
> In other words, I have
> NEWDOMAIN with Samba PDC and all clients
> OLDDOMAIN with NT4 PDC alone, no client
> Can my NT4 PDC become a plain client in NEWDOMAIN?

yes it can.  I have done this (and more) with a 3rd-party tool called
UPromote.  It saved me a lot of face, about 5 years ago.  When I
realized that I would have to rebuild a PDC to become a member server,
at about 2 am, for the next day,  I refused to believe it.  And under
the conditions of the time, I was happy to pay the price they were
asking.  I've used it a number of times since, always without fail.  Of
course a backup (like a ghost image) is always a good idea before starting.



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