[Samba] Re: Demote old NT4 PDC to member of Samba domain?

jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 12 15:07:45 GMT 2005

"Mi" <mi.lists at alma.ch> wrote in message news:42AC2527.6050605 at alma.ch...
> Hi,
> When installing Samba, I made it a PDC in a new domain. Now I would like
> the old NT4 PDC in the old domain to become a plain host in my Samba
> domain. Is this possible? I need to keep the old NT4 machine because
> it's running the Symantec Corporate Edition NAV.
> In other words, I have
> NEWDOMAIN with Samba PDC and all clients
> OLDDOMAIN with NT4 PDC alone, no client
> Can my NT4 PDC become a plain client in NEWDOMAIN?
> Thanks,
> Mi
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Windows 2000 allows you to demote a domain controller to a member server.
You will need to reinstall an NT 4.0 domain controller to turn it into a
member server.

A member server can join a Samba domain just like any other machine.

I would recommend getting another machine and testing the entire process
before making changes to your production machine.

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