[Samba] Re: dos filetimes and documentation

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Jun 11 19:44:13 GMT 2005

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Thorsten Greeb wrote:
|> The smb.conf documentation and also the HowTo-Collection
|> describes, that> with dos filetimes = Yes any user with
|> write permission is able to change the file timestamp. This
|> seems to be not fully correct. What we found is, that not
|> only the user must have write permission but also
|> must be a member of the owning group if the user is not
|> the owner of  the file. Could anyone of the samba
|> folks clarify this?
| Hmm, two weeks later still no comment from samba team...
| Why this?

Because everyone is duried coding at the moment.
Please retest against the latest SAMBA_3_0 svn tree
and let me know if the issue still exists.  It so,
we'll either fix the bug or update the docs.

cheers, jerry
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