[Samba] strange getpwnam issue

vlad f halilow vlad at ccs.ru
Sat Jun 11 19:01:40 GMT 2005

hello. i have samba 3.0.14a installed on solaris9 os. i need to allow 
users login system by windows domain authorization. winbindd/pam_winbind 
compiled  installed and working. but, one pam module (pam_dhkeys) fail 
all pam stack when try to obtain userinfo about windows domain users. 
small investigate show that getpwnam() result with windows user as 
parameter different from unix user. for example:

#perl -e "print getpwnam('unixuser');" return  
#perl -e "print getpwnam('winduser');" return 

so, structure about windows user do not contain password hash, that 
possibly needed by pam_dhkeys module. without it, it return user not 
found message
and faill all pam stack. can anyone explain is this bug or normal 
result? i have easy way, with reconfigure auth subsystem with removing 
requirement pam_dhkeys succes for windows users, but not sure that it is 

vlad f halilow.

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