[Samba] Re: Samba problems - looks like a bug in client

Jim C. jcllings at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 17:23:19 GMT 2005

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> This is a small home LAN - two boxes running Mandriva 2005LE, four assorted 
> seeing any difference.  I have reverted to 3.0.13.
> I am seeing huge delays when transferring files direct from an application.  
> at all, saying that access is denied.  Printing from OOWriter is 

It's probably timing out meaning that it is taking so long that OOCalc
eventually gives up.  This would seem to indicate that it's strictly a
performance problem of some sort.

1. Post the smb.conf for the server.  Use the following procedure:
testparm > dumpfile.txt[enter][enter].  Edit the file to remove anything
that isn't relevant and then paste the remainder into a mail message.

2. Post the client side connection procedure and any errors.

> exceptionally slow, though this is never as bad from any other application.

Are these other applications using smaller files?

>>1. Command syntax may have changed on you.
> Always possible.  My main problem, though, is in saving files across the 
> lan, direct from apps like gnumeric.

Have you considered using an NFS mount in the short term until you get
the bugs worked out?  It's easy.  If you like I can show you how.

> Shorewall is not installed on this (the client) box, and windows boxes can 
> save correctly, indicating that shorewall on the server is working 
> correctly.

OK, but of course I had to ask.

>>3. File system permissions on your share directories.  (test by making
>>it chmod 777)
> Normally the shared directories are 770, but I have already tested them with 
> 777.

The trick to trouble shooting is having a process-of-elimination
procedure.  If we always do our testing with it chmod 777 we know that
it really can't be a permissions issue.  We also have to concern
ourselves with the possibility that there might be more than one issue
as well as the idea that the problems may not be obvious. Since there
*might* be a permissions issue that we don't understand we make the
share world writable during testing as a matter of procedure.  If you
have important files in that directory that you want to safeguard,
consider creating an empty directory for sharing during the test
procedure. :-)

>>With nmap you can check both from the same box:
> need very specific instructions.

Do you have nscd running on either of these machines? If not give it a
try on both.

Do you have DNS on your local network?

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