[Samba] "id" and "id username" don't match up when using Winbind groups

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jun 10 12:59:47 GMT 2005

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Graeme Humphries wrote:

| "getent group network-group-name" shows that certain
| users are in a group. "id username" shows that the
| user belongs to that group. But if I "su - username && id",
| the group is mysteriously missing. As a result,
| certain users cannot get into certain directories
| whose access is controlled via group, whether it's
| on the commandline, through a Samba share, or whatever else.
| It's not all network groups that are affected, just a few
| ones at random. However, it is consistent in that if
| a user is having problems with a certain group, you
| can add and remove them from that group any number of
| times, and they will always have problems with that group.
| Any suggestions on how to fix / debug / workaround
| this problem would be *greatly* appreciated.


Look for differences in the success and failure cases
from a level 10 winbindd log.

cheers, jerry
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